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A Night with the Stars


The sumptuous kitchens of the Grand Hotel Brioni host for a unique evening, the culinary art of Michelin Stars: professionals of gastronomic excellence create dishes for to be presented to the jury of experts.

The chefs offer the tasting experience of their cuisine of excellence: they start with the fine raw materials of the area and rework them through the spirit of continuous research and experimentation that animates their art.


Restaurant "Burjè 1968" at Hotel Arkadia - Corvara (BZ)

South Tyrolean, born in 1983, enthusiastic, creative with an overwhelming enthusiasm and creativity that comes through in his dishes.

He boasts a career spanning no less than six years as Norbert Niederkhofler’s Sous Chef, after a series of experiences that were all Italian and all at high altitude in his homeland of South Tyrol. And it is from his homeland that the chef loves to source the fresh produce and seasonal ingredients that go into his recipes.

From his master he learned a passion for local ingredients, meticulously selected himself, searching for those details that make the dish unique.

Passionate about raw materials, his cooking is a relentless experimentation with new culinary pairings and combinations.

The result is a gastronomy with a straightforward and assertive flavor that can continually surprise the palate. A cuisine that speaks of the land, without thereby becoming imprisoned in the rhetoric of tradition.


Felix Lo Basso Home&Restaurant

Felice Lo Basso was born in Molfetta and completed his apprenticeship in great gourmet restaurants in Italy and abroad.

In 2011 he was awarded the prestigious Michelin star for the first time.

Endowed with a refined style, always at play between creativity and research, he makes quality and respect for raw materials his starting point.

His cuisine was born by the sea and grew up in the mountains: the trait d’union is the search for quality products, the desire to experiment with shapes and colors, to mix tastes.

In his restaurants Felice Lo Basso offers high-level cuisine, sophisticated in the elaboration of dishes, but with strong anchors in tradition and Italian raw materials. Intuition, imagination, innovation and creativity are the pillars of the food and wine proposal.

In 2020, Felice Lo Basso redesigns the concept of hospitality and opens the
Felix Lo Basso Home&Restaurant
in Milan, Italy.


Gabbiano 3.0 Restaurant - Marina di Grosseto

Born in Chiusi in 1991, he conducted his studies in Chianciano Terme at the famous Pellegrino Artusi Institute.

He matures his experience with Filippo Germasi at the restaurant
in Città della Pieve, at the
in Rimini with Stefano Ciavatti, at
of Perugia. After a brief experience at Alessandro Dal Degan’s in Asiago, he returned to Florence, Tuscany, as chef and partner at the Legend of the friars By Filippo Saporito. In Treviso, he is leading the
Villa Selvatico Restaurant
and in 2020 it lands at the
Seagull 3.0

In Grosseto, he pursues his idea of cuisine that aims to link the sea to the truest Maremma: the catch of the day is combined through the flavors of the garden with the livers, pork, extra virgin olive oil. The style is Mediterranean in its use of the many herbs and delicate flavors, but does not disdain the use of French techniques in richer dishes.


Al Cacciatore Restaurant - La Subida

Born in 1972 in Città di Castello (PG), but attended hotel school in Friuli Venezia Giulia, his mother’s home region.

He matures a robust resume with experiences bearing the names of Walter Eynard, Igles Corelli, Davide Scabin and Alain Ducasse.

In the kitchens of the restaurant “Al Cacciatore “at La Subida, in the heart of Friuli’s Collio region, he preserves and reworks the scents and flavors he has lived with since childhood: wild herbs, wildflowers, spices, tadpoles, carob, and pasta scraps – ingredients often forgotten by most – are interwoven with smoked ham aged at least 24 months, oils from Friuli and Trieste, Carnic radicchio and the rose of Gorizia.

The border does not pass far from Cormons, and the chef brings it into the kitchen as a feature of an inclusive gastronomy between Mediterranean and Eastern and Central European cuisines.


Il Comandante Restaurant - Romeo Hotel - Naples

Born in 1978, he is the executive chef of Il Comandante, the flagship gourmet restaurant of Romeo hotel. Originally from Torre del Greco, he brings to his dishes the flavors and aromas of the Gulf of Naples, which he loves to marry with ingredients and suggestions from other cultures and territories.

His cuisine is expressed through dishes of rare elegance, constructed with high quality raw materials, processed to a minimum so as not to alter flavors and nutritional values. Research, passion, culture and respect for the land and a keen aesthetic taste give rise to gastronomic creations that seduce the eyes and the palate, tickle the nose and even the ear.


Dolomieu Restaurant and DV Chalet of Madonna di Campiglio

His passion for cooking was passed down through his family: frequenting hotels and restaurants where his grandfather of Piedmontese descent was a chef, he inherited a passion for a cuisine of ancient flavors, evocative aromas, and strongly territorial and genuine ingredients.

An eclectic chef with a focus on the plant-based world and the ethical exercise of cooking, he has long experience in catering
fine dining
matured by working in fine establishments located in different regions of Italy, from Alta Badia to Sardinia, from Verona to Madonna di Campiglio: he starts in the kitchens of Verona at Chef Fabio Tacchella’s La Vecchia Pesa, is Team Manager of the Italian National Chefs Team, in Alta Badia is Executive Chef at the Gourmet Restaurant La Gana, travels to Sardinia and works at Restaurant Escargot in Costarei, then returns to the Alps where he wins a Michelin Star at the Dolomieu Restaurant and DV Chalet in Madonna di Campiglio.

His cuisine of sea, land, and vegetable garden based on the geographic location and the peculiarities of the context in which the restaurant in which he lent his professionalism was set, is a summary of the places visited by the chef, from the always meticulous attention in telling the story of the territory and its valuable raw materials.

Alongside his experience in haute cuisine, he set up his own brand “FG Fabio Groppi – Tailor Made Food,” a leader in catering management for events, weddings and corporate events, perfecting his managerial approach and food cost management as a consultant for catering and hotellerie realities.

Starred Winners


Lorenzo Cogo

Cooking Star 2023

David Skoko

Cooking Star 2022