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Late Saturday morning the Maxi Yachts broke away from the piers of the ACI Marina Rovinj and headed to the starting line of the regatta logistically organized by Jedriličarski Klub Uljanik.

The width of the hulls and the extent of the sails, thanks to the presence of Bora between 15 and 18 knots, allowed for spectacular maneuvers.

The first regatta, featuring passage around the island of Banjol and gates off Pula, saw winner Anywave Safilens helmed by Chef Nicola Laera with invaluable guidance from experienced skipper Alberto Leghissa: the combination of the Maxi designed by the prestigious German Frers studio in 2000 and the South Tyrolean chef of the restaurant “Burjé 1968” turned out to be a winner.

The overall ranking, with the pairings between the elegant Maxi Yachts and the star chefs, sailors for a day, was as follows:

  1. Anywave Safilens helmed by Alberto Leghissa and Chef Nicola Laera
  2. Adriatic Europa helmed by Dusan Puh and Chef Fabio Groppi
  3. Prosecco Doc Shockwave³ helmed by Mitja Kosmina and Chef Salvatore Bianco
  4. Clean Sport One helmed by Jure Orel and Chef Alessandro Gavagna
  5. Ancilla Domini helmed by Andrea Straniero and Chef Felice Lo Basso
  6. Veliki Viharnik helmed by Walter Svetina and Chef Alessandro Rossi
  7. Anemos II helmed by Marco Bono and Chef Floriana Ružić

As per the directions expressed in the Notice of Race, scoring was calculated by applying a new compensation classification system, whereby each boat’s final finishing time is related to specific coefficients determined by each boat’s characteristics: overall length without bowsprit, mast size, and water ballast or canting keel equipment.